Hey friends, I was approached by the owner of https://thefashiondesigner.ru

I’m happy to talk about it since it’s a direct shipping wholesale site. If it was just a reseller with the same marked-up prices I wouldn’t even talk about it, but this site has many items we haven’t seen before, especially for women.

TheFashionDesigner on RepLadies

With TFD we are trying something we haven’t tried since CnFashionreps: Direct integration into RepLadies. Above you can see an example of random items from TheFashionDesigner.

We definitely hope you enjoy it, because it’s a lot of work for us to integrate new sites like that.

TFD Website

Women’s clothing can be found here, and shoes here.

They also have tons of bags. The women’s items are outstanding because the selection is a lot bigger than what we’ve seen so far. It’s refreshing to see a site that goes a different route and focuses on girls, especially something other than bags.

This doesn’t mean they don’t have items for men, you can also find men’s sneakers on the site. What I also like is that it’s nicely categorized and generally well written and professional.

To make the deal better I negotiated a 5% discount if you use the code ‘reparchive’ during checkout.

What’s direct shipping?

For those who are new, direct shipping means that the seller sends the items to you, without the use of an agent. This cuts out a middle man, which saves you money on shipping. This site also allows you to finish orders on the site, so you can place orders whenever you wish, no need to wait for replies or struggle with wechat verification.

How to use the 5% Off Coupon Code

When you have any items in your cart, enter the code ‘RepArchive‘ into the ‘Coupon Code‘ field. The coupon code will the appear above and change the total.

How shipping works and how much it costs

The shipping price depends on the weight of product, the origin, the destination and the shipping method. Normally we delivery the goods via DHL/ EMS/ UAE, it takes7-10 days (during Covid-19 period). If you want to choose Standard shipping method, that would also be ok, the package will be delivered via China Post, it takes about 20-45 days (during Covid-19 period). Buy placing ordering please contact us firstly and tell us which shipping service you choose. We’ll update the shipping cost according to the weight, the origin, the destination and the shipping method in final invoice.

TheFashiondesigner.ru Cart Page

In case you missed it on the page, when you place an order the shipping will be set at $1. After you placed the order you are supposed to contact them via WhatsApp with the exact shipping address. They will then send you an updated, final invoice with the shipping price.

This is in part due to COVID-19 and the unstable shipping conditions.


Since I’m always transparent, I’m not ruling out that I get something from them in the future, but my personal motivation to post this is that I tried something new with direct replicated items on RepLadies, which I hopes increases traffic.

We are not selling the items mentioned or promoting the sale. Buy at your own risk. Nothing on this page should be interpreted as advising you.


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