This website is based on RepArchive and it’s part of their effort to spin-off pages for different types of items. This was first done with Toy-Links and now with the new formation of

We do not have a connection to r/RepLadies on Reddit and our ambitions are very different from their apparent ambitions. They excel in community, we excel in information and service.

We believe in the freedom of information. has never and will not remove items, as long as they are for women. We don’t believe in moderation, rather community driven development.

The name similarity is merely a result of looking for a name that resembles the original RepArchive identity, while portraying the orientation towards women. RepLadies seemed like the perfect combination.

The purpose of in the RA network is the separation of male and female fashion, to give you more meaningful results in the search on either site and to branch of and explore different art styles. has grown into the best source of taobao finds for women, our reddit community frequently features outstanding finds.

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