RepArchive is very similar to RepLadies, it’s basically RepLadies for Men. It features lots of Taobao items and QC pictures. On top it also has Weidian items and lots of reviews. Most importantly it has an extensive blog with multiple new posts every week that answer your most important questions and brings you the latest news.

RepArchive Items

The difference between RepLadies and RepArchive lays in the question quantity/quality. RepArchive has more quantity: not only is the men’s section arguably bigger, unisex items also go on RepArchive not RepLadies.

What you know from RepLadies is the familiar update system: availability, dead links and prices are automatically updated: for Taobao and Weidian.

Weidian is an upcoming marketplace that’s also listed on RepArchive with all features. The Weidian selection can be found here:

With the help of our partners we can provide QC pics for one third of RepArchive Taobao items. It’s a very good rate we are proud of, considering that maybe 50% of all items that have been found have actually been bought.

RepArchive Blog

The blog has been growing more and more in importance since the first post. It really changed the way we think of RepArchive, which was only a collection of items before we introduced our blog.

The foundation is the RepGuide, which is an extensive in-depth guide that teaches you everything you need to know about buying from Taobao, Weidian and trusted sellers.

We also have quick and easy guides for those of you who already have a rough idea how everything works.

We are also the only one in the scene to cover news from local chinese sources to inform you about content you have not seen before.

RepArchive Mission

RepArchive is all about transparency, no censorship and fair competition. Any item has a chance to be listed on RepArchive and we never took down an item (unless it’s illegal or to be listed it on one of our sister sites. Food, living animals and guns are also categorically removed).

We introduce new features and ways to optimize your shopping all the time, always thinking ahead.


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