1 minute is enough to learn the essentials about RepLadies.co and Taobao.

RepLadies.co is an index that functions as a search engine for Taobao.com. We are also a community hub.

Everything you need to know to get started

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What’s Taobao?

Taobao is a domestic Chinese online store, from Chinese sellers for Chinese customers

– you probably don’t speak chinese (that’s where we come into play)
– No direct shipping (we also have a solution, keep reading)

– Almost everything is made in China anyways, so you can find everything
– Items are priced for people with one of the world’s lowest incomes, this means the world’s best prices!

finding, buying, shipping from Taobao

How to find items

That’s what were here to help you with. Use our search function or the filters on the all items page.

You can then use the provided pictures (we call them QC pictures), read reviews or look at the store listing to help you decide.

How to buy

You will have to use a shopping agent. Agents buy taobao items, store them in their warehouse and ship them to you. You get QC pictures for inspection, based on which you can return items.

There are many agentsm competing for the lowest prices. We strongly recommend wegobuy, the newest agent, made for our needs. Wegobuy is the easiest to use and has good prices and customer service.

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Placing an order should be self-explanatory, if you are struggling we have the RepGuide

How shipping works

International shipping is when the agent send the items to your door.

The agent lets you choose between different renowned shipping lines. You can add extras, e.g. bubble wrap. The prices displayed are higher, in the end you’ll get >40% of back.1

The scary stories you might’ve heard are selective bias. Wegobuy parcels are insured. You can track the parcels. In case of customs inspections, your agent and our discord are there to help. Among the RepLadies community there have been 0 custom seizures.

That’s all!

Learn more

There’s more to learn. Read the extensive RepGuide.

RepArchive is not affiliated with Taobao or Alibaba Group.

1 Agents need extra money because they do not know exactly how much the shipping service charges. They will give you the money back after they’ve shipped it. The is based on crowd sourced data from our shipping calculator, confirmed by our own experience.